Powerful ERP Software
Built to Suit the Needs of
Rental Businesses

A fully integrated platform that automates and integrates your rental business
operations, allowing you to focus more on your business growth.


Take advantage of ScaleOcean ERP Software
for your rental business growth.

ScaleOcean unifies and gives you a complete mobile view of your rental operations, allowing all processes to be done faster without requiring all your staff across departments to be present in the same place.

Maximizing equipment lifespan

By receiving alerts on which equipment tools need maintenance, you will be able to maintain their quality and make quicker decisions on your assets (whether to fix them or replace them, etc).

Improving cash flow

Our system enables you to estimate your future cash flow and prevents bad cash flow by giving you notifications on unpaid invoices or incomplete rent payments. Also, our financial reporting helps you better analyze your finances.

Enhancing customer relationships

Complete, real-time information of customers can greatly help you minimize errors during the sales conversion process. Meet different types of customers' needs and perform customer retention strategies based on actual data.


Enjoy all the solutions we provide in our Rental Management System
or you can customize the solutions to match your needs.

Sales & Rental Management

Go through your customer rental history to analyze their behavior and send them marketing campaigns. Track all your rental orders and check the availability of items using the same platform.

Popular Features

Prospect Management

Customer Rental History

Rental Order Management

Membership Management

Email Marketing

Financial Management

Gain a comprehensive financial view to make data-driven decisions related to your finances. Record all your transactions, estimate cash flow, and calculate asset depreciation automatically.

Popular Features

Asset Depreciation Calculation

Profit and Loss Tracking

Budget and Expense Management

Cash Flow Forecasting

Financial Reporting

Asset & Contract Management

Know the exact location of each asset anytime needed. Maximize the profitability through regular maintenance. Monitor the life cycle of each contract to see which one needs renewal.

Popular Features

Asset Location Tracking

Maintenance Scheduling

Quality Checking

Contract Expiry Alerts

Contract Renewal Management

Staff Management

Manage all your employees across multiple rental locations using one platform. Track attendance and house worked, automate salary calculations, handle expense claims and leave requests, and more.

Popular Features

Payroll Management

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Expense Management

Performance Tracking

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Additional modules that can enhance the performance
of your ScaleOcean Rental ERP Software.

ScaleOcean e-Procurement

Manage purchase requests across multiple business locations, allow suppliers to submit their offers online, automate your requests for quotes & purchase orders, and more.

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ScaleOcean Booking

Let your customers reserve your rental items online, manage bookings on mobile anytime and anywhere, prevent errors like overbookings, and more.

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ScaleOcean Inventory

Forecast demand for your rental items, automatically generate barcodes for your items, perform inventory valuation across all locations, and more.

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Boost your customer retention and revenue
with ScaleOcean’s powerful ERP Software.


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