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Get the Benefits of eCommerce Singapore ScaleOcean
A system designed to support your digital sales.
Efficient Inventory Updates

Ensures accurate product availability at the right time.
Each sales transaction automatically reduces the amount of inventory available.
Determine stock minimum for each product.
Ensures that customers only see products available in eCommerce.
Low-stock notifications to prevent inventory shortages.
Advanced & Comprehensive Features to Improved Online Shopping Platform Efficiency
Store Operation
Manage and track sales in online and offline stores at once. Manage orders, monitor stock, and customer management from just one system.
Order Management
Tracks orders in real-time, manages order processing, updates stock levels, handles cancellations or returns, and ensures timely delivery within a single system.
Product Management
Manage product descriptions, images, categories, prices, and stock levels. Easily add, manage, modify, and remove products on the e-commerce platform.
Integrated Marketplace
Seamlessly integrate with various marketplaces, allowing you to sell products across multiple channels from a single dashboard.
Promo Management
Create, manage, and track effective promotional campaigns and discounts on the platform, based on customer behavior, seasonal trends, etc.
Real-time Tracking
Track orders, inventory, and deliveries in real-time. For customers, this means staying informed about the status of their orders from placement to delivery.
Industries Reinforced by e Commerce Enabler ScaleOcean
Our e-Commerce powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your eCommerce Platforms!
Discover ERP solutions that can maximize transactions in the company.
Purchasing Management
Streamlines the process of managing purchase orders, supplier contracts, and procurement transactions.
Sales Management
Provide seamless tracking and processing of online sales transactions. Facilitates the automatic recording of sales data.
Online CRM
Centralizes customer data collected from various touchpoints into a single repository. Allows for targeted promotions.
Warehouse Management
Provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, streamlines picking and packing processes, and ensures accurate order shipments.
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