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Advanced e-Procurement
System to Simplify and
Streamline Tendering
Manage requirements online and suppliers can submit bids through e-Procurement Management System ScaleOcean.
Get The Best Vendor with Competitive Prices Using e-Procurement ScaleOcean
Get the Benefits of Online Procurement System ScaleOcean
A system designed to help you reduce procurement time and costs in your company
e-Auction Software Procurement

Speed up the procurement process without a hitch
Create purchase orders and purchase requests automatically
Manage multi-level approval efficiently
Reduced procurement cycle time
Administrative fraud significantly reduced
Advanced & Comprehensive Features To Standardization Procurement Processes
Product Management
Categorize products or services efficiently, including pricing, specifications, and availability. Make it easy for prospective clients to search and select.
Vendor Portal
Facilitate direct and transparent interaction between companies and suppliers, including bid submission, negotiation, and order confirmation.
Inventory Management
Monitor stock levels in real-time, assisting in purchase planning and avoiding shortages or excess inventory. Improve cost-efficiency.
Accounting Management
Expense and budget tracking. Greater visibility into expenses, companies can better manage and control budgets.
Order Management
Receive quotes from suppliers and evaluate based on set criteria. Know the status of orders, including shipping notifications and updates. Ensure timely deliveries.
PR & PO Management
Simplify the creation, submission, approval and tracking of PRs and POs. Reduce cycle time and improve efficiency. Accelerate procurement processes.
Industries Reinforced by Online Procurement Management System ScaleOcean
Our e Procurement powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your e Procurement Software !
Discover ERP solutions that can support procurement management.
Accounting Management
Track every procurement transaction, provide detailed insights into spending patterns, enabling you to manage expenditures more effectively.
Project Management
Allow better coordination between procurement and projects within the company, ensuring accurate and timely resource utilization.
Customer Relationship Management
Understand your customers' needs better, allowing you to tailor your procurement process to market demands.
Document Management
Create procurement documents automatically, including contracts, POs, and other related documents.
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