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#1 Education
Management Software
for Streamlined
Simplify the entire administration process up to tracking student learning progress with ERP Software for Education ScaleOcean.
Advanced Modules for School System ScaleOcean
Modules specifically designed to centrally manage all school operations.
Registration Portal
Fill out the registration form online and upload the required documents easily. Schools can verify the data that has been provided from ERP Software for School and College.
Get the Benefits of School Management Software ScaleOcean
ERP ScaleOcean eliminates operational complexity in Educational Institutions.
Effective Administrative Process
Education ERP Software ScaleOcean automates time-consuming administrative tasks such as student enrollment, data academic records, tuition payments, lesson schedule creation, and attendance tracking.
Great Visibility & Accessibility
ScaleOcean School Information System is a unified platform where students, teachers and parents can access important information in real-time. Everything is accessible from any device and anytime with an internet connection.
Manage Everything with One System!
Manage various aspects of operations and education in School System ScaleOcean. Online enrollment, attendance, scheduling, academic reporting, all these functions are integrated into one system that is easy to access and use.
Student Competency Monitoring
Monitor and manage various aspects of student development, including attendance, academic performance, behavior, and participation in school activities from one centralized system. Parents can also monitor them from a dedicated portal that is very easy to access.
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Ready to Achieve School Operational Efficiency?
Simplify administration and academic tracking with Education ERP Software ScaleOcean.
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