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Helpdesk Solutions
ScaleOcean for
Innovative Service!
Efficiently manage support requests and provide timely assistance with Helpdesk System ScaleOcean.
Boost CS Services with Help Desk Management Software ScaleOcean
Get the Benefits of Customer Help Desk Software ScaleOcean
A system designed to help your business manage customer requests.
Automate Tasks & Processes

Boost customer service team productivity.
Record transaction automatically, whether through chat, email, or phone calls.
Sort ticket requests based on priority scale.
Assign tasks to the right team based on their capabilities.
Identify common issues and provide accurate answers quickly.
Advanced & Comprehensive Features for Customer Ticketing Software
Ticketing System
Allows support teams to create, manage, and prioritize customer issues or requests. Automatically assigns tickets to the appropriate agent or team based on predefined criteria or skills.
Multi-Channel Support
Provide customer support via email, chat, phone, and other social media. Manage request tickets from all channels centrally. Customers can communicate through their preferred platform.
Customer Portal
A dedicated portal where customers can log in, track their issues, and access relevant resources and updates. Enables customers to find answers to common questions.
Live Chat
Provides real-time chat support to customers, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of issue resolution. Incorporates chatbots to automate responses for instant answers.
Time & Progress Tracking
Monitor and record the time spent by customer service teams on each support ticket from initiation to resolution. Know accurate timelines based on historical data.
Contact Management
Manage and store customer contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and interaction history in single system. Helps in providing more personal and efficient service.
Professional Service
Industries Reinforced by Helpdesk Ticketing System
Our Helpdesk software powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your Helpdesk Solutions!
Discover ERP solutions that can improve customer support efficiency.
Case Management System
Facilitates better collaboration between teams by providing a unified, comprehensive view of all customer cases.
Sales Management
Help sales team know customer needs and pain points better to offer product that could benefit the customer.
Online CRM
Provide a comprehensive, detailed view of each customer's history, preferences, interactions, and feedback.
Leads Management
Ensure potential customers receive effective responses to their inquiries, to improve conversion rates.
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Enable a More Cohesive Approach to Customer Service with Helpdesk System ScaleOcean
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