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Integrated Facilities
Management for
Optimize Functionality
Streamlines the process of maintenance scheduling to asset tracking, with Our Smart Facility Management
Boost Maintenance Efficiency with Facility Management Software ScaleOcean
Get the Benefits of Smart Facility Management ScaleOcean
A system designed for delivering comprehensive information on energy usage, maintenance costs, and asset utilization
Schedule Maintenance Automatically

Reducing unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions
Residents can submit a request for repairs online.
Maintenance requests can be approved with one click.
Quick handling prevents further damage to the property.
Minimize the risk of major damage and unexpected repair costs.
Advanced & Comprehensive Features Ensure Seamless Facility Operations
Depreciation Calculation
Accurately calculate the asset depreciation over time. Then, automatically record any decrease in asset value on the income statement.
Monitoring Real-Time
Monitor the current condition of the facility from any where at any time. The system will record any changes, such as temperature, humidity, or leaks.
Housekeeping Service
Facilitate clients in requesting assistance. Create housekeeping schedules automatically based on needs and priorities, enhancing responsiveness.
Maintenance Schedule
Auto-generate preventive maintenance schedules, ensuring equipment and facilities are regularly maintained to avoid sudden breakdowns.
SLA Management
Manage and fulfill agreed service commitments with clients. Easily track response time, service duration and quality standards, also ensuring compliance.
Customer Relationship Management
Send updates, notifications, and handle complaints or service requests from Integrated Facilities Management, speeding resolution times.
Real Estate
Industries Reinforced by CMMS Software ScaleOcean
Our Facility Software powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your Facility Management Software!
Find ERP solutions that can support facility efficiency and optimization.
Property Management
Synchronize asset data for more efficient planning and maintenance. Manage asset lifecycle centrally, from usage, maintenance, and disposition of assets.
Purchasing Management
Automate purchasing processes for efficiency and cost savings. Know the right time to replace or renew assets.
Accounting Management
Integration with financial systems assists in facility-related budgets, expenses, and revenues, including the tracking of maintenance and operational costs.
Ticketing System
Real-time tracking of the status of each request ticket. Ensures transparency and enables more effective management of responses to requests.
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