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End-to-End Freight
Forwarding Software for
3PL Logistics
Our Logistics ERP Software designed for mastery over import and export shipments , including HBL, custom clearance, shipping manifest, and many more,
Advanced Modules for Logistics ERP ScaleOcean
Enhance shipment visibility with our 3PL Logistics Solutions
Reduces Manual Work
Allow users to reserve space for their goods on various carriers. Select your preferred transportation method (air, sea, road), choose specific service levels, and book the required capacity easily.
Get the Benefits of Logistics Management Software ScaleOcean
ERP ScaleOcean eliminates operational complexity in 3PL Logistics.
Accurate Shipment Tracking
Get real-time visibility into shipment status and location in ERP System Logistics ScaleOcean. Accurately monitor the movement of goods from warehouse to final destination. Ensure the goods are safely delivered to the consumer.
Easy Booking Process
The most convenient way for customers to do their booking, starting from choosing the type of shipment, delivery time, and others through Cargo Expedition Software ScaleOcean.
Maximizing Profits
Easier booking processes for customers can increase transactions in your logistics business. Automatically calculate profit margins from the comparison of shipper invoices and vendor bills.
Reduce Lead Times
Automate job orders received with our Logistics Management Software. After the booking is made, the system immediately analyzes the estimated arrival time and possible delays accurately.
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Reduce cost and increase profit easily with ERP for Logistics ScaleOcean.
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