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Advanced Retail
Software Singapore for
Online & Offline Sales
Ideal for Singaporean retailers seeking to enhance efficiency, improve customer engagement, and drive sales.
Advanced Modules for Retail System ScaleOcean
Tailored modules to boost sales and operational efficiency
Processing Transactions
Every transaction is recorded automatically. Streamline the transaction process and simplify the entire buying process. The retail POS will automatically deduct the amount of stock that has been sold.
Get the Benefits of ERP for Retail ScaleOcean
ERP ScaleOcean eliminates operational complexity in Retail.
Stock Planning Accurate
Monitor stock levels in real-time, understand sales patterns and forecast future stock needs more accurately with Retail ERP ScaleOcean. Easily maintain a balance between demand and stock inventory.
Optimize Sales
Analyze, plan and execute sales strategies more effectively with ScaleOcean Retail Software. Maximize upselling based on customer preferences and current market trends. Create promo and discount strategies to increase loyalty.
Enhanced Omnichannel Capabilities
Retail System ScaleOcean supports retailers to unify all sales channels, from e-commerce and other online applications. Ensure information on products, prices and stock are kept up to date in real-time across channels.
Automated Transaction Process
Every sales transaction that occurs, whether in offline stores, online, or through other applications, is automatically recorded in Our Retail POS System. Automate order setup, shipping, receiving, and facturing, to improve efficiency.
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Manage transaction, stock management, and sales optimization with Retail Software Singapore ScaleOcean.
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