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Accelerated HRIS
Management Software to
Boost HR Processes
Automate payroll processing, leave management, and other administration task with HRIS Systems ScaleOcean.
Reduce Administrative Burdens with Centralized HR Software ScaleOcean.
Get the Benefits of HRIS System Singapore ScaleOcean
A system designed to improve HR administrative efficiency.
Automated Calculation

HRIS provides automation for operational efficiency.
Automatic salary & tax calculation based on government regulations
Approve reimbursement and leave from one system
Employee data updates automatically
Real-time time and attendance tracking
Advanced & Comprehensive Features To Accelerate Employee Management Processes
Recruitment Management
Automate and optimize recruitment tasks, from posting job to tracking applications and managing interviews. Make the recruitment process efficient.
Payroll Management
Automate the calculation of salaries, tax deductions, and benefits, according to employee performance. Ensure calculation accuracy and facilitate financial reporting.
Automatically record employee attendance, using face ID, fingerprints, and more. Ensure employee attendance is properly recorded in a centralized system.
Leave Management
Make it easy to manage leave requests, approvals, and recording, all from one platform. Employees can apply for leave directly from the portal. Streamline HR workflows.
Performance Tracking
Track employee performance based on predetermined metrics and KPIs. Make it easy for you to plan targets for the next month. Enhance goal setting and boost productivity.
Portal Karyawan
Employees can access their personal information, attendance data, pay slips, and other relevant information directly from an easy-to-access, interactive, and comprehensive portal.
Industries Reinforced by HRM System Singapore ScaleOcean
Our HRIS software powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your Human Resources Software!
Discover ERP solutions that can maximize employee performance.
Talent Management
Aligning individual performance with business goals, improved employee performance and productivity.
Attendance Management
Work schedule optimization, supporting more efficient planning and managing work timelines.
Project Management
Allocate human resources more efficiently to various projects, based on employee skills and availability.
Contract Management
Easily manage employment contracts, including extension, renewal, and termination.
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