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No.1 Online Ticketing
System to Enhance
Work Efficiency!
Streamline your work request processes like never before with Integrated Case Management System ScaleOcean.
Enhance Task Efficiency with Ticket Management Software ScaleOcean.
Get the Benefits of Case Management System ScaleOcean
A system designed to help your business manage work requests.
Online Ticketing System

Submit requests or work tickets through a user-friendly platform.
Submit job details, attachments, department, and priority in one form.
Requests are instantly logged and reviewed by the assigned team.
Monitor your request's status: queued, under review, processing, or completed
Create requests faster, if similar requests have been submitted before.
Advanced & Comprehensive Features For Internal Ticketing Software
Employee Portal
Centralized platform for employees to submit requests, view the status of their cases, and access relevant information or updates. Empowers staff to initiate and track their cases.
Ticket Assignment
Assign cases or tickets to the appropriate team members based on predefined criteria such as expertise, workload, or department. Ensure cases are handled by the most suitable personnel.
Status Tracking
Monitor the progress of a case in real-time, from submission through to resolution. Status updates might include stages such as "Open," "In Progress," "Awaiting Approval," and "Closed."
Automated Notification
Sends out automatic alerts and reminders to relevant stakeholders at different stages of a case's life cycle. Ensuring timely actions and responses.
Multi-level Approval
Facilitates a structured approval process involving multiple levels of authorization before a case can proceed to the next stage or be resolved, ensuring compliance and due diligence.
Performance Analytics
Provides insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as average resolution time, case volume by department, employee satisfaction, and individual or team performance metrics.
Professional Service
Industries Reinforced by Our Ticket Management Software
Our Ticket Software powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your Online Ticketing System!
Discover ERP solutions that can manage multiple tasks at once.
Project Management
Synchronizes case management tasks with project timelines and milestones. Enhances visibility into how cases affect overall project progress.
Human Resource Management
Ensure any case involving an employee, whether it's a request for equipment, a leave application, or a grievance, is managed in centralized system.
Ensure all customer or internal support requests are adequately tracked and resolved. It improves response times to helpdesk inquiries.
Facilitate easy access to contracts, forms, correspondence, and other documents related to specific cases.
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Unlock Unparalleled Efficiency in Handling Complex Cases with Online Ticketing System ScaleOcean.
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