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Online Customer Portal
for Enhanced
A seamless way to get information, do transactions, and access support from Customer Portal System ScaleOcean.
Improved Transparency and Trust with Customer Support Portal ScaleOcean
Get the Benefits of Customer Portal ScaleOcean
A system designed to help you instantly answer questions or address client concerns.
Self Service Portal

Simplify the customer service process
Monitor and manage personal information at any time
Speed up data and request processing
Service, complaint, or request can be processed faster
Update customer request status in real-time
Advanced & Comprehensive Features To Enhance Customer Interaction in the Company
Help Center
Provide answers to frequently asked questions. Make it easy for customers to find answers to common questions, reducing waiting time.
Quotation Tracking
Make it easy for customers to make real-time purchase decisions. Track quotation status in real-time through an advanced portal.
Centralized Database
Easy access to information needed, from transaction history, interactions with customer service, and documents.
Built-in Chat
Customers can interact directly with the sales or support team. Provide quick and efficient responses to their questions or concerns.
Self-service Portal
Customers can manage their own accounts, including data updates, ordering, and tracking. Save your customer service time.
Payment Management
Help customers manage their payments and bills. Provide transaction history for future reference. Ensure accurate financial tracking.
Professional Service
Industries Reinforced by Customer Online Portal ScaleOcean
Our Customer Portal powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your Customer Portal Solutions!
Discover ERP solutions that can maximize customer experience.
Customer Relationship Management
Provides insights into purchase history, and preferences, which can improve customer service.
Sales Management
Make it easy for staff to track every sale, including availability, specifications, and pricing.
Leads Management
Increase conversion of leads into customers through user experience and faster response.
Browse products, place orders, and manage transactions all in one portal.
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