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Talent Management
System for Employee
Speed up the recruitment process and develop employee talent with HR Recruitment System ScaleOcean.
Identify Employee Potential with Performance Management System ScaleOcean.
Get the Benefits of HR Appraisal System ScaleOcean
A system designed to enhance the employee experience at work.
Job Recruitment System

Attracting highly skilled and talented individuals
Automated CV and portfolio screening
Identifies the most suitable candidates
Better hire quality
Improves fairness in the selection process
Advanced & Comprehensive Features To Track All Employee Performance
End-to-end Recuritment
Manage the entire recruitment process, from requirement identification to hiring, in an integrated platform. Attrack top-notch candidate quality.
Create a structured onboarding plan and schedule. Provide access to training materials, to ensure seamless adaptation to their roles.
Staff Development
Monitor staff performance to identify skills development opportunities, including training, and mentoring. This fosters continuous improvement.
Applicant Tracking System
Streamline the process of managing and evaluating CVs, portfolios and others. Make it easier for HR to make informed decisions.
Performance Management
Track employee performance regularly based on KPIs or other goals transparently. Give feedback according to each staff's performance.
Employee Database & Profiles
Store employee profiles in centralized storage. Reduce errors associated with having multiple versions of the same file across different locations.
Industries Reinforced by Talent Management System ScaleOcean
Our Talent Software powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your HR Recruitment System!
Discover ERP solutions that can ease the recruitment process.
Complete HRIS
Manage HR administration from payroll, attendance, to leave permissions from one system.
Attendance Management
Automatically record attendance, identify patterns and understand the impact on performance.
Project Management
Allocate tasks to employees based on skills, experience and time availability.
Contract Management
Easily manage employment contracts, including extensions, renewals and terminations.
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