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Asset Management
Singapore to Avoid
Unexpected Breakdowns
Streamlined asset tracking and get detailed insights with Digital Asset Management App ScaleOcean.
Optimize Assets Usage with Asset Management ScaleOcean
Get the Benefits of Asset Management System ScaleOcean
A system designed to prolonging the asset lifespan.
Comprehensive Dashboard

Enable precise tracking of assets
Comprehensive overview of all assets owned by your business
Know exactly where each asset is located, its condition, and its usage.
Forecasting maintenance and replacement needs.
Identify potential risks before they escalate.
Advanced & Comprehensive Features to Improved Digital Asset Management Efficiency
Asset Tracking
A centralized database that records the real-time location, status, and other relevant information of each asset. Ensure accurate and up-to-date records, facilitating improved asset tracking
Asset Costing Valuation
Supports various valuation methods, allowing you to choose the most suitable approach. Automates the calculation of the current value of assets.
Maintenance Management
Easily schedule preventive maintenance tasks based on predefined criteria. Generates work orders automatically, specifying the tasks to be performed and deadline.
Asset Performance
Analyze performance data, patterns, and deviations from expected performance levels. Identify high-performing and under-performing assets easily to optimize operational efficiency further.
Check-ins & Check-outs
Automate update the status and availability of assets in the inventory. Capturing details such as the time, date, user, and condition of the asset.
Asset Reporting
Customize reports based on their specific requirements, selecting parameters, metrics, and time frames. Support graphical representations such as charts or graphs, to enhance data visualization.
Industries Reinforced by Enterprise DAM Software ScaleOcean
Our Asset Software powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your Digital Asset Management Platform!
Discover ERP solutions that support efficient asset management.
Accounting Management
Ensure that asset data, including valuation, depreciation, and maintenance costs, is accurately reflected in financial reports.
Inventory Management
Ensure that inventory data is always updated with the latest information from the asset management system.
Purchasing Management
Asset needs are directly linked to purchasing management, enables the automatic generation of purchase requests.
Facility Management
Optimize space utilization by tracking the location and use of assets within facilities. Also, ensure your facility's assets are well-maintained.
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Gain Full Control Over Your Assets with Enterprise DAM Software ScaleOcean
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