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Automated ERP Rental
Software for Asset
Streamline online booking process with ScaleOcean Rental Management ERP Software. Avoid schedule clashes and optimize the use of assets.
Advanced Modules for ERP Rental Singapore ScaleOcean
Simplify booking operations and increase transactions with Our Comprehensive Solutions.
Online Booking
Automatically record bookings across multiple platforms. Monitor all booking information, including asset type, pickup date and time, and customer information.
Get the Benefits of Equipment Rental Software ScaleOcean
ERP ScaleOcean eliminates operational complexity in Rental.
Avoid Double Booking
Every booking is automatically recorded and managed in a centralized system, reducing the risk of multiple bookings. Ensuring each asset can only be rented out to one customer at a time.
Automated Scheduling & Payment
Automatically updates asset availability based on rental schedules, providing real-time information on when assets will be available. Also, customers can enjoy a hassle-free payment process, by providing various methods.
Real-time Information Update
Manage and track every asset owned, from determining availability status to monitoring asset location and condition in real-time. Manage bookings more accurately, ensuring each asset is rented out at maximum capacity without the risk of overbooking.
Maximize Asset Utilization
Know accurately which assets are available and which are not. Automate scheduling, when assets are ready. Rental Management Software ScaleOcean ensures maximum asset utilization by reducing downtime.
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Manage assets, orders and customers easily with Best ERP Rental Singapore ScaleOcean.
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