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Smart Document
Management System for
Managing Data
Create, manage, store, and retrieve document centrally with Singapore DMS Software ScaleOcean.
Manage Document Seamlessly with DMS Singapore ScaleOcean!
Get the Benefits of Cloud Document Management Software ScaleOcean
A system designed to provide flexibility in document management.
Easy Access

Access to necessary information becomes easier.
Create and edit documents online anytime, anywhere.
Find required files faster by simply entering keywords.
Share documents more easily to other departments.
Automatically create backups to minimize loss.
Advanced & Comprehensive Features For Document Management Software
Document Organization
Easily upload, store, and organize documents, often with folder structures and tagging capabilities for easy retrieval. Add tags, keywords, and descriptions easily.
Template Library
Provides pre designed templates for common document types such as invoices, reports, proposals, and contracts, saving time and ensuring consistent formatting.
Approval Workflows
Automates document-centric processes such as approval workflows, review cycles, and document routing, significantly streamlining efficiency and reducing manual errors.
Document Collaboration
Facilitates collaboration among multiple users by enabling real-time editing, commenting, and sharing of documents, often with granular access controls.
Instant Export & Sharing
Allows users to export documents in various file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, and HTML. Swiftly share documents with team, clients, or external stakeholders.
Accurate Audit Trail
Provide a comprehensive record of all activities and changes made to documents. Maintains a detailed history log, including who performed the action, what action was taken, and when it occurred.
Real Estate
Professional Service
Industries Reinforced by Cloud Document Management
Our e-Document software powers success across sectors, driving productivity and innovation. Enhancing industries with robust solutions.
Integrate your Online Document Management System!
Discover ERP solutions that can streamline document management.
Users can securely sign documents from anywhere, reducing turnaround times and significantly increasing efficiency.
Contract Management
Effortlessly create, store, and track contracts within the eDocument system, ensuring seamless management and accessibility.
Project Management
Attach documents to project tasks, milestones, or discussions, facilitating real-time access and version control.
Upload, share, and track training documents within a centralized system, ensuring easy access to learning resources.
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