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Best ERP Restaurant for
Order Management,
Central Kitchen
Streamline order management, kitchen workflow, and even table management with Restaurant Management Software ScaleOcean.
Advanced Modules for Restaurant Software
Modules specifically designed to centrally manage orders, kitchens, and transactions.
Automatic Order Input
Customers can access the menu through any device, the selected menu item will be recorded immediately. Orders are automatically sent to the kitchen for cooking.
Get the Benefits of Best ERP for Restaurant ScaleOcean
ERP ScaleOcean eliminates operational complexity in Restaurant.
Handle Offline & Online Orders
F&B ERP System ScaleOcean provides easy integration with online applications, such as Grab Food, Go Food, Shopee Food, and others. All orders will be managed in one integrated system. Minimize the risk of errors in inputting orders and waiting time for orders.
One System for All Outlets
Centralize the operations of all your outlets into one system. Easily gain comprehensive insight into the performance of each outlet location, identify sales trends, understand popular menu items, and evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing strategies.
Improve Service Quality
Lead new customers to available tables without unnecessary delays. Staff can know which tables are in use and empty, even an estimation of how long each customer has been seated. This is important for improving the customer experience.
Eliminate Lead Times
ScaleOcean Restaurant Software speeds up cooking time. Kitchen staff can view incoming orders in real-time, track the status of each order, and ensure that orders are completed in the correct sequence and on time.
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Automate order processing to kitchen flow with Restaurant Management Software ScaleOcean.
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