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Software in Singapore

The right ERP solution for property landlords and managers. Automate and
unify operations, speed up the sales cycle, and maximize revenue. Learn how
ScaleOcean can transform your property business!


Reap all the benefits of ScaleOcean Real Estate
within a single cloud platform.

ScaleOcean automates repetitive tasks, helping you save time so you can engage in more profitable activities.

Instant access to properties

Capture all property attributes in real-time, including their availability, current market values, applicable rent rates, locations, etc.

Increasing sales conversions

Our system helps you focus on qualified leads and have a better analysis of your sales and lead generation strategies.

Maintaining error-free processes

Provide accurate information about your properties, keep track of lease contract terms, get alert for soon-to-expire rental agreements, and more.


Tailored ERP solutions for property owners and managers.

Sales & Leasing Management

Instantly access your property details in real-time, identify qualified leads, build custom sales pipelines to convert leads into sales, customize your email marketing campaigns, and more.

Popular Features

Lead & Tenant Management

Property Unit Tracking

Rental Agreement Repository

Auto-expiry Date Alerts

Marketing Automation

Financial Management

Get notified about outstanding payments, automatically calculate your asset depreciation, estimate your cash flow, generate comprehensive financial data, and much more.

Popular Features

Auto-payment Reminder

Asset Depreciation Calculation

Budget & Expense Management

Accrual & Amortization Management

Cash Flow Forecasting

Facility Management

Gain better control over your property facilities. Monitor your facilities anytime and anywhere, allow occupants to request any facility or maintenance online, respond to any request faster.

Popular Features

Purchase order creation

Supplier bidding

Sales order creation

Credit limit verification

Price & discount management

Staff Management

Our HRM module simplifies staff management in real estate agencies, including the recruitment process, salary and tax calculations, performance tracking, and more

Popular Features

Attendance Management

Performance Tracking

Payroll Management

Expense Management

Leave Management

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Additional modules that can enhance the performance
of your ScaleOcean Property Management System.

ScaleOcean Asset

Maintain your property's assets, know their ROI, and track their usage across multiple locations using a single platform.

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ScaleOcean e-Signature

Save time on signing important docs. Save costs on printing, copying, faxing, scanning, shredding, etc.

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ScaleOcean DMS

Have your documents available online to be reviewed, approved, and managed anywhere and anytime.

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