#1 Resilient ERP Software for
Manufacturers in Singapore

Boost agility, productivity, and visibility in your manufacturing
operations with ScaleOcean ERP Software.


Gain all the benefits of ScaleOcean’s cloud-based,
Manufacturing ERP Software.

Gain greater control over work order details and deeper insights into your operating costs so you can easily find out where to cut, spend, and save money.

Maximizing production

Our system allows you to identify issues early and modify workflow schedules. This minimizes disruption and helps ensure production adheres to deadlines.

Greater supply chain visibility

Monitor every aspect of the supply chain and make decisions in real-time. This avoids costly delays and keeps everything running as it should do.

Faster order capacity adjustment .

Determine exactly how big the next batch should fill your current order without waste. Receive more orders at the right time and reach your actual maximum production capacity.


ScaleOcean Manufacturing is built with advanced modules and features
that are customizable and scalable as your business grows.

Advanced Scheduling & Planning

Schedule production based on work centers, machines, and tools. Determine requirements for materials and capacities while gaining insights on resource utilization and efficiency.

Popular Features

Bill of materials & routing

Material requirements planning (MRP)

Work center capacity

Production planning & inventory control (PPIC)

Manufacturing order & work order creation

Maintenance & Quality Management

Optimize the performance of your manufacturing assets cost-effectively manage quality issues through automated maintenance scheduling and quality checking.

Popular Features

Preventive & corrective maintenance

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Maintenance requests & alerts

Equipment management

Quality control

Order Management

Improve relationships with vendors and eliminate paperwork all your company's stakeholders with greater visibility into the order management process.

Popular Features

Purchase order creation

Supplier bidding

Sales order creation

Credit limit verification

Price & discount management

Financial Management

Our Accounting module helps you accurately forecast the budget and revenue of your production. You can also generate invoices and reports with a few clicks.

Popular Features

Invoice creation

Budget & revenue forecasting

Cash flow tracking

Profit & loss view

Financial reporting

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Additional modules that can enhance the performance

of your ScaleOcean Manufacturing ERP Software.

ScaleOcean e-Procurement

Handle purchase requests across multiple locations, see quotes and prices from multiple suppliers on a single screen, and more.

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ScaleOcean CRM

Automate your sales process, create quotes with different prices, convert sales orders into manufacturing orders, and more.

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ScaleOcean Inventory

Monitor your raw materials and make sure the stock levels are adequate so you can proceed with the production process and fulfill orders.

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