Maximize Your Hospitality
Business Revenue with
ScaleOcean ERP Software

Streamline your hotel operations, deliver an outstanding guest experience,
maximize your revenue potential, and more with ScaleOcean Hospitality.


Learn how ScaleOcean Hospitality can help improve
your hotel operations, sales, guest management, and more.

Our Hotel Management System enables you to respond to your guests' requests faster, give them the right information in real-time, and communicate with them better.

Maximizing revenue potential

ScaleOcean simplifies your sales and marketing processes, enabling you to serve more guests. It allows you to personalize loyalty programs, thereby increasing guest retention.

Optimizing operational efficiency

With operations being unified and automated, tasks can be completed faster, which means there will be more time to be spent on service improvement or business growth.

Increasing supervisory ability

Our Hospitality ERP Software enables you to keep a close eye on all the ongoing processes through a single platform, helping you further synchronize actions.


Modules and features that help optimize
your hotel’s revenue management strategies.

Sales & Marketing Management

Create personalized offers and loyalty programs by observing your guests' historical data. Increase retention with our easy-to-use, customizable marketing automation tool.

Popular Features

Guest Historical Data

Point of Sale

Marketing Automation

Promo & Loyalty Management

Membership Management

Financial Management

Know your profits and losses across all hotel branches and departments, estimate your future cash flow, create financial reports automatically, and more.

Popular Features

Cash Flow Management

Budget & Expense Management

Auto-journal Posting

Profit & Loss Tracking

Financial Reporting

Operations Management

Provide a quicker and accurate response to any request, be it related to room availability, facility, maintenance, etc. We have all the information you need in real-time.

Popular Features

Reservation Management

Room Availability Tracking

Checkin and Checkout Tracking

Facility Management

Maintenance Management

Staff Management

Our HRM module helps you manage your staff details, including their qualification, performance, leave applications, and hours of work.

Popular Features

Shift Management

Attendance Tracking

Payroll Management

Expense Management

Leave Management

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Additional modules that can enhance the performance
of your ScaleOcean Hotel ERP Software.

ScaleOcean Purchasing

Centralize your purchases and handle all purchase requests across multiple hotel branches from one station.

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ScaleOcean Restaurant

Manage your hotel's kitchen operations, guests' orders, raw materials, and more simultaneously through a single system.

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ScaleOcean POS

This add-on helps you manage transactions and track inventory at your hotel's gift shop, cafe, restaurant, or spa.

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