Simplify Your Food & Beverage
Business Operations with
ERP Software #1

Increase visibility and control over quality management,
traceability, costs, and more, through ScaleOcean's intuitive ERP
software for the F&B industry.


Learn how your food and beverage business can benefit from utilizing
ScaleOcean ERP Software for the F&B industry.

Stay compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Safe Food Quality Standards through our advanced product and raw material traceability.

Increasing visibility over operations

Gain total visibility into your operations so that you can better prepare for possible recalls and prevent contamination from entering your supply chain.

Keeping costs under control

With greater financial visibility and centralized procurement, you can have better control over expenses, especially those related to food raw material suppliers.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Boost your customer satisfaction by providing them with accurate and faster serving through our Kitchen Display System that also gives them better experiences.


All the solutions that you need to streamline the operations
and boost the profitability of your Culinary business.

Sales & Customer Management

Increase your sales and retain your customers through personalized promotional and loyalty programs, customized discount strategies, and cross-selling.

Popular Features

Restaurant Point of Sale

Customer loyalty management

Promo & discount management


Email marketing

Maintenance & Quality Management

Optimize the performance of your manufacturing assets cost-effectively manage quality issues through automated maintenance scheduling and quality checking.

Popular Features

Preventive & corrective maintenance

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Maintenance requests & alerts

Equipment management

Quality control

Supply Chain Management

ScaleOcean provides you with real-time information on your inventory and gives you full traceability to raw materials, keeping you compliant with industry regulations.

Popular Features

Central procurement


Batch & lot number tracking

Low-stock notifications

Stock forecasting

Financial Management

Our Accounting module helps you accurately forecast the budget and revenue of your production. You can also generate invoices and reports with a few clicks.

Popular Features

Invoice creation

Budget & revenue forecasting

Cash flow tracking

Profit & loss view

Financial reporting

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Additional modules that can enhance the performance of your Food and Beverage ERP Software.

ScaleOcean e-Procurement

View quotes from multiple suppliers, rate your vendors, request quotes, communicate with your suppliers, and more.

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ScaleOcean CRM

Automate your sales process, create quotes with different prices, convert sales orders into manufacturing orders, and more.

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ScaleOcean HRM

Manage staff attendance, shift schedules, salary and commission calculations, and more in the easiest way possible.

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Empower your food and beverage company
with a powerful ERP system!


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