Transform Your Educational
Institution with ScaleOcean ERP

Simplify your institute's academic & administrative processes and enhance your
school management experience with ScaleOcean's end-to-end Education ERP


Enjoy the benefits of an advanced ERP system
designed for educational institutes.

With ScaleOcean, a lot of time is saved in performing daily operations. This further helps increase the productivity of your institute's workforce, allowing them to focus more on valuable activities that improve the quality of education.

Improved information accessibility

Our ERP software enables all stakeholders, including principals, teachers, management, and parents, to access the required information from a single platform. Access to sensitive content can be restricted by admins.

Refined education quality

Improve your students' growth and success by allowing them to be more involved in their own progress. Parents can also be counted in as they stay updated on their children's performance and activities.

Increased accuracy & transparency

ScaleOcean ensures the accuracy of your institute's data since everything is taken care of digitally. It also improves transparency as finances are accounted for automatically, leaving no room for manipulation.


Advanced modules and features that streamline and optimize
the daily operations of educational institutions.

Teaching & Learning Management

Upgrade teaching and learning processes by improving collaboration, students' self-determination, and parents' involvement.

Popular Features

Parent Portal

Task & Exam Management

Class Management

Library Management

Attendance Management

Financial Management

ScaleOcean helps institutes improve their financial management by providing accurate accounting records, financial statements, cash flow forecasts, etc.

Popular Features

Expense Management

Cash Flow Forecasting

Invoice Management

Approval Matrix

Financial Reporting

Admission Management

Streamline the chaotic and time-consuming enrollment process, from customizing policies and registration forms to managing inquiries and tracking candidates.

Popular Features

Student Database

Registration Form Creation

Inquiry Management

Email & SMS Management

Access Right Management

School Staff Management

Manage your institute's staff details at your fingertips. From the recruitment process to salary and tax calculations, you can have everything managed through one platform.

Popular Features

Recruitment Management

Onboarding & Offboarding Management

Payroll Management

Attendance Management

Expense & Leave Management

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Additional modules that can enhance the performance
of your ScaleOcean Education ERP Software.

ScaleOcean e-Procurement

Handle purchase requests across multiple locations, see quotes and prices from multiple suppliers on a single screen, and more.

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ScaleOcean CRM

Automate your sales process, create quotes with different prices, convert sales orders into manufacturing orders, and more.

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ScaleOcean Inventory

Monitor your raw materials and make sure the stock levels are adequate so you can proceed with the production process and fulfill orders.

Learn More

Manage the whole operation of your educational institution
with a powerful, integrated platform.


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