End-to-End Construction
Management Software for
Contractors & Builders

Integrate and automate all processes in your construction company.
From the project tendering stage to client and subcontractor acquisition,
we've got you covered!


Gain all the benefits that boost your construction
business growth in a single cloud platform.

Track your budget distribution for every construction cycle and see how it is affecting your bottom line. Our system lets you enter and update project estimates & commitments effortlessly, simultaneously generating important information in terms of cash flow planning.

Improving internal communication

Managers can track the progress of each project, set milestones, perform foundation inspections, and communicate with their team members in real-time, even when they are not working on the same construction site.

Increasing labor productivity

Analyze the performance of your laborers, including their estimated and actual hours worked, number of contracts on each construction site, pending deliveries, etc. Take corrective measures that help increase productivity.

Better informed decisions

Our system lets you leverage strategic and operational insights to ensure project success. You can generate analytics reports on your construction cost, purchased items, revenue per site, and even the tendering process.


Enjoy Our Adjustable ERP Modules and Features
for Your Construction Business Systems.

Client Relationship Management

Seamlessly track, progress, edit, and share client information within your construction company. Our CRM module helps improve communication between your contractors and clients.

Popular Features

Lead Management

Client Database

Quotation Management

Pipeline Management

CRM Reporting

Construction Project Management

Track project progress by seeing deliverables in real-time. Monitor the project's zero-based schedule and compare it with actual site progress.

Popular Features

Project Dashboard

Costing & Budgeting

Timesheet Management

Task Scheduling & Delegation

Gantt Chart & S-curve Reporting

Tender & Bid Management

Receive bids from multiple tenders through our Tender Portal, set tender submission deadlines, and identify qualified tenders more easily.

Popular Features

Tender Portal

Tender Inquiry Management

Tender Creation

Tender Eligibility Criteria

Approval Level Management

Financial Management

Track expenses related to materials, cost of labor, cost of equipment, etc. Allow your team members to make budget requests and set approval levels to decide who can approve those requests.

Popular Features

Profit and Loss Tracking

Cash Flow Forecasting

Expense Tracking

Billing Management

Asset Depreciation Calculation

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Additional modules that can enhance the performance
of your Construction ERP Software.

ScaleOcean e-Procurement

Ensure effective management of requests for quotations, quotes, orders, reports, and supplier quotation comparison.

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ScaleOcean Inventory

Seamlessly manage materials, plan material sourcing, track their movement across multiple worksites, and more.

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ScaleOcean HRM

Help your recruiters hire the right candidates and perform regular tasks, such as managing payroll, complying with regulations, and more.

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Connect all your construction processes
and win more bids with ScaleOcean.


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