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ERP Software

Learn how ScaleOcean ERP can help you simplify your business
processes, increase your sales, and retain your customers.


From improving inventory control to ensuring smooth order fulfillment,
ScaleOcean Wholesale & Retail ERP Software has got you covered.

Gain greater visibility into your inventory across your supply chain, forecast demand for your products, know your inventory levels in real-time, deliver orders on time, and more.

Improving customer retention

Attract new customers and retain existing ones through timely order fulfillment, a streamlined checkout process, and personalized customer loyalty programs.

Better forecasts & demand planning

Gain access to real-time inventory status in your warehouse, in and out. Our intelligent forecasting tool enables predictive analytics to provide better estimations.

Enhancing overall productivity

ScaleOcean ERP eliminates the need for manual processes, freeing your staff from repetitive tasks so they can focus on more important things in your business.


A variety of solutions that help the smooth running of your business processes,
including sourcing, storage, sales, and product & transaction analysis.

Sales & Customer Management

Automate your entire sales process and enhance your customer experience. Boost customer loyalty by tailoring your promotional and loyalty programs.

Popular Features

Retail POS system

Lead management (for wholesalers)

Quote & sales order creation (for wholesalers)

Customer loyalty management

Promo & discount management

Procurement Management

Gain better control over your procurement. Make buying decisions at the right time, with the right amount. Handle purchase requests across multiple outlets with one click.

Popular Features

Purchase request & order management


Approval management

Blanket order management

Supplier portal

Inventory Management

ScaleOcean ERP alerts you of your inventory levels, keeping them balanced. No more product shortages, overstocking, and unnecessary purchases.

Popular Features

Low-stock notifications

Inventory forecasting

Batch & serial number tracking

Multi-location stock transfer

Shipment Tracking

Financial Management

Track your transactions. profits and losses, income, expenses, and other financial information through a single dashboard.

Popular Features

Profit & loss tracking

Approval matrix

Cash flow management

Expense management

Financial reporting

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Some additional modules that can enhance the performance
of your ScaleOcean Wholesale & Retail ERP Software

ScaleOcean HRM

Automate salary and commission calculation of your wholesale/retail workers. Manage their attendance, shift schedules, expense claims, and more.

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ScaleOcean e-Invoicing

Create professional-looking e-invoices, eliminate errors, and get paid faster by sending your customers payment reminders before the invoices are due.

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ScaleOcean DMS

Gain better control over your company's documents. Search, store, retrieve, and share your documents securely, anytime, anywhere.

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