Streamline Your Singapore Restaurant Operations with ScaleOcean

Manage orders, tables, payments, and customers across different locations through a single restaurant management platform.


Keep your restaurant’s guests satisfied and improve your services through
comprehensive, accurate, and real-time data.

Boost efficiency, productivity & retention

Keep your customers coming back to your restaurant by offering them rewards, discounts, and attractive membership and loyalty programs.

Provide a better dining experience for your guests by enabling waiters to easily check the menu availability and take orders from their devices, thus reducing waiting time.

Our system automatically handles time-intensive tasks such as inventory tracking and table distribution so your staff can focus more on other valuables tasks.

Improve visibility & decision-making

Prevent stockouts and overstocking by monitoring your inventory levels in real-time. Identify slow-moving inventory to modify your sales & marketing strategies.

Control costs by identifying obsolete stock, your customers’ preferences, and underperforming staff, so you know where to cut your spending.

ScaleOcean enables you to make better, data-driven decisions through comprehensive reports on inventory, orders, customers, and staff.


We have all
the features that
you need to
accelerate the
success of your

Order Management

Waiters can easily take customers’ orders from their devices. Your kitchen staff will be alerted of customers’ orders through the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Loyalty Management

Reward your customers based on their spending or points. You can also customize promotions, vouchers, and gift cards based on their preferred menu.

Table Management

Deliver the right orders to the right tables. Your waiters can easily move customers’ tables as well as split and move them by request with just a few clicks from their devices.

Payment Management

Keep the payment processes going during internet outages. Various payment methods are acceptable, thus enabling smoother and faster payment processing.

Inventory Tracking

Monitor stock levels (raw materials, ingredients, appliances, etc.) across all outlets. Figure out your slow-moving inventory to improve your inventory control.

Staff Management

Keep track of your staff timesheets. Set up check-in and check-out functions for your staff so you know how much you should pay based on their working hours.

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ScaleOcean Booking

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