#1 e-Procurement Software for All Businesses in Singapore

Control your purchasing costs, improve visibility into your spending, collaborate
with the right suppliers, and more with ScaleOcean e-Procurement.


Make the most of ScaleOcean Purchasing Software
for your company or organization.

Eliminate bottlenecks & rogue spending

Reduce your team workload by automating administrative tasks such as field-level arithmetic, approval routing, and deadline compliance.

Automate tedious processes such as manual reordering and purchase request/order approval. Allow your staff to focus more on high-impact activities.

Our system enables you to reduce rogue spending and cut unnecessary purchases through centralized approval and a rock-solid audit trail.

Increased efficiency, compliance & profitability

Make decisions on the move. Manage your procurement anywhere, anytime. Have quicker access to view, acknowledge, and communicate on procurement data.

Minimize human errors and associated risks due to manual intervention and spreadsheets. Keep everyone compliant with your procurement policies.

Our system offers suppliers the easiest way to send quotes and more visibility into the status of payments. You can use this opportunity to make better negotiations.


We optimize the
procurement processes
of small to large
enterprises. Our
features can also
be customized to
fit your unique
business needs.

PR & PO Management

Create purchase requests (PRs) and instantly convert them into purchase orders (POs), or create POs without having to create PRs.

Approval Management

Our system helps you ensure compliance with the company’s policies and departmental budgets by providing configurable workflow approvals.

Purchase Requisition

Employees can request purchases through a self-service portal and you can appoint an approval manager to approve or disapprove the requests.

Supplier Management

Allow suppliers to share their quotes through the supplier portal, find the best offers more quickly, communicate with your suppliers, and rate their performance.

Blanket Order Management

Create blanket orders that specify a predefined price for several items that you will purchase from a supplier over a specified time.

Procurement Reporting

Gain comprehensive insights into your procurement aspects such as POs, suppliers, spending, and more. Analyze all the information to make better buying decisions.

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You may want to integrate ScaleOcean
e-Procurement with other modules such as:

ScaleOcean Inventory

Keep track of your inventory levels in real-time and automatically make purchases when the stock levels go below the reorder points.

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ScaleOcean DMS

Create purchase contracts right after approving quotes from your suppliers and keep the contracts securely in one place.

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ScaleOcean Accounting

Compare budgets to actual spending. Estimate your budget and income generated from the goods services you’ve purchased.

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Make better buying decisions, save costs, and boost efficiency with ScaleOcean e-Procurement!


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