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Improve task delegation & project planning

Communication gaps can create unnecessary project delays. ScaleOcean prevents that by allowing your team members to work, share, and communicate in a unified platform.

Managers can easily delegate tasks to members and find who is currently available. Our system keeps everyone in the loop and helps them work according to their priorities.

With cloud storage, users can make changes, leave feedback, and annotate easily. ScaleOcean also keeps a change log to ensure project transparency within the team.

Ensure on-budget & on-time project delivery

ScaleOcean helps project managers prevent scoop creep and it allows them to have full control over budgets from the initial statement of work to the final delivery.

Not only does ScaleOcean help you build a solid foundation for your projects, it provides the tools to reach milestones, key deliverables, and roles before executing.

View the entire project plan with our Gantt chart, track the status of all projects in real-time, trace all financial metrics like budgets, estimates, work in progress, bills, costs, and more.


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customizable solutions
for all companies
in Singapore to
simplify their's
project management.

Project Dashboard

View the status of all projects at a glance. Our Project Dashboard displays real-time data related to tasks, time, resources, and costs in colorful, configurable charts.

Budget & Cost Management

Track costs, assign hourly rates, and align rates with the resources required to complete a task. ScaleOcean improves the accuracy of your budget estimation.

Project Planning

Plan your projects, create schedules, and get work done on time with our Gantt chart maker. Link tasks and create dependencies within and across projects.

Timesheet Management

Your team can measure their progress along the way and track hours worked. They can easily add time to timesheets by automatically logging hours on their tasks.

Task Management

Create tasks within projects and organize them easily with our Kanban boards. Assign tasks to the right members and they will get alerted of the assignment by email.

Project Reporting

Analyze data and share your findings. Customize your reports and choose from various options, including project status, tasks, timesheets, workload, etc.

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Start automating your project management and boost your profitability with ScaleOcean!


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