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Simplify all entrepreneurs doing their business system
transformation through ERP 360 by ScaleOcean.


Learn how your business industry can
benefit from utilizing our ERP 360 software.

Track income, expense, cash flow, budget, and other financial information precisely.

Offering royalty program

Create the right marketing strategy according to customer historical data and increase your retention.

Managing employees easily

Knowing employee data is very helpful in making rules to expedite your business flow.

Securing business documents

Manage and control your company files securely, anytime, and anywhere.


Our ERP 360 software provides customizable and scalable
ERP modules to streamline your business flow

Financial Management

The financial accounting modules of our ERP system offer comprehensive insights into revenue and expenses related to your industry needs.

Popular Features

Profit and Loss Tracking

Cash Flow Forecasting

Invoicing Management

Multi-currency Management

Financial Reporting

Customer Relationship Management

Our ERP 360 software is equipped with solutions that help increase customer satisfaction and boost retention.

Popular Features

Lead & Customer Database

Quote & Sales Order Generation

Pipeline Management

Email Marketing

Sales reporting

Staff Management

Manage your employees from our performance tracking feature to know their work productivity.

Popular Features

Onboarding & offboarding management

Payroll management

Performance tracking

Attendance & leave management

Expense management

Purchasing Management

Control all expenses from your business process to manage finances efficiently.

Popular Features

Purchase request & order management


Approval management

Blanket order management

Supplier portal

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Additional modules to maximize the ERP
system in your business industry.

ScaleOcean Project

Arrange the division of tasks within your team appropriately and equitably.

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ScaleOcean Booking

Automate the scheduling of your appointments with all relevant parties.

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ScaleOcean DMS

Get better control over your company's documents. Manage and modify easily anywhere and anytime.

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