The Most Secure & Easiest e-Signature System in Singapore

Sign, send, track, archive, and manage your documents with just a few clicks.


Gain all the benefits of our simple,
flexible electronic signature solution

Secure, flexible integrated e-Signature system

Only authorized persons can access your documents since all communication on the documents is encrypted.

You can let your team members who have access collaborate on the same document while working remotely.

Our e-Signature software can be integrated with other ScaleOcean’s systems or your existing systems using APIs.

No more errors and unnecessary costs

Eliminating manual operations means minimizing human errors. ScaleOcean e-Signature improves the quality of your docs.

You won’t need to spend unnecessary expenses like printing, copying, faxing, scanning, shredding, etc.

Stop spending too much time signing important docs. Manage your docs on the go, anywhere and anytime.


ScaleOcean e-Signature
is packed with
simple yet
powerful features
that streamline
business workflows.

Document Creation

Create and e-sign unlimited documents. Specify signers and assign team members different roles or access to your documents.

Bulk/Mass e-Signing

Import a list of signers and each will receive a unique copy to sign - eliminating the need to create and send separate envelopes.

Document Encryption

Any activity on a document (signing, reading, etc.) is logged and encrypted to ensure it cannot be changed.


Automatically send your signed documents to third parties designated as "followers" without requiring their legal signatures.

Signer Authentication

To prove their identities, signers must pass through authentication before being given access to documents, via email or SMS verification.

Reusable Templates

Prepare documents with reusable templates that keep tags, field placement, workflow routing, and other settings.

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