An Easy-to-Use Document Management System
for All Businesses in Singapore

Seamlessly manage, track, and save your documents with ScaleOcean DMS.
Secure, easy, and fast document management workflow.


Engaging ScaleOcean DMS comes with many priceless benefits
for your business, employees, and clients.

Search faster and increase security

Streamline your business workflow by having your documents available online to be reviewed, approved, and managed anywhere and anytime, using any mobile device.

Any authorized users can access documents they need remotely. All documents are indexed, so you’re just a keyword search away from finding the right document.

Encrypt documents and assign levels of security to each file. See who has viewed and edited your document, as well as the time when the document was accessed.

Enhance efficiency and collaboration

Eliminate the risk of losing documents by automatically creating back-up files and storing them in an off-site centralized repository.

Authorized employees can work together on the same document remotely. They can see when the shared document has been accessed and modified by others.

Reduce storage space by storing your documents digitally as well as costs that you used to spend on storage bins, papers, file folders, and filing staff.


Get to know
our document
system’s key
features to
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your business!

Document Creation

Create documents such as vendor bills, tasks, agreements, and more using existing templates or customized ones.

Document Control

Our system allows you to keep track of all versions of a document and makes sure that all the collaborators see the latest version.

Document Organization

Scan your documents and save them in hierarchical folders so your documents will have their own set of tags and actions.

Document Annotation

Authorized users can add comments, highlight, strikethrough, and stamp documents without ruining the files’ integrity.

Access Rights Management

Define the role of the person who is granted access rights, for example as author, viewer, editor, or commenter.


See the username, the date and time the file was accessed, the type of action performed, and comments from users.

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You may want to integrate ScaleOcean
DMS with other modules such as:

ScaleOcean e-Signature

Request your documents to be signed electronically by the right person from anywhere at any time.

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ScaleOcean Project

Create and assign project tasks automatically right from your document management software.

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ScaleOcean CRM

With this add-on, you can manage any documents related to your clients (e.g., contracts) within one integrated system.

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Tired of managing paper-based documents? Switch to ScaleOcean DMS now!


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