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Strengthen your customer relationships, boost your revenue,
and empower your sales team with ScaleOcean CRM.


A game-changing CRM system that not only improves your
sales but overall business performance

Greater efficiency & insights

Your day-to-day sales activities are all automated. This lets you work smarter and more efficiently so you can identify your biggest movers more easily.

Gain complete, real-time information on your leads and sales, team performance, revenue, and many more.

Identify high-quality leads more easily through seamless sales pipelines. Speed up the sales cycle and close more deals.

Better business & team performance

Equip your sales reps with all the tools they need to solve problems and questions more accurately, personally, and quickly.

Enable your sales team to collaborate on the same platform. You can track their performance through every stage and measure it against their KPIs.

Analyze your sales performance. Find out what works best and eliminate those that do not contribute to your company’s profitability.


ScaleOcean CRM‘s
features are
yet customizable
to fit any
business size
and needs.

Customer Database

All your customer information including their email addresses, requirements, quotes, orders, and support requests is stored in a secure location.

Email Marketing

Generate more leads and engage your subscribers. Use your existing email templates or customize them according to your customer segmentation.

Sales Pipeline Management

Gain greater visibility across all stages of the sales cycle. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily move your leads from one stage to another.

Sales Order Creation

Personalize your quotations and specify price lists for different leads and customers. Convert those quotations into sales orders with just one click.

Performance Tracking

Our system allows you to see how many sales have been won by each salesperson, how long it takes for them to close a deal, how their sales are going, and more.

Real-time Sales Reporting

Our real-time sales reporting tool provides you with comprehensive insights that allow you to have quicker and more accurate actions in any situation.

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You may want to integrate ScaleOcean
CRM with other modules such as:

ScaleOcean HRM

Add the HRM module for easier sales reps’ salary, tax, and commission calculations.

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ScaleOcean Accounting

Track profits & losses related to your sales department and estimate your revenue.

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ScaleOcean Inventory

Check the availability of requested items and update the quantity with one click.

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