Your No. 1 Online Booking
System in Singapore

Make appointment scheduling easier for both admins and customers
with ScaleOcean Booking.


A smart queue management system that helps businesses efficiently
& effectively handle their customer queues.

Simplified booking processes

With ScaleOcean Booking, scheduling is made easy. Admins can easily reschedule and cancel appointments based on customer requests.

Our online booking software allows you to manage bookings and arrange schedules anytime and anywhere, and on any mobile device.

No more overbookings or scheduling conflicts due to manual adjustments. Bookings are automatically updated and synchronized.

Increased profitability

ScaleOcean Booking helps you get paid faster by allowing your customers to make payments and receive payment alerts online.

Say goodbye to no-shows and decreasing revenue. Send automated reminders to your customers prior to appointments.

Our appointment scheduling software provides you with comprehensive insights into your revenue, expenses, staff performance, and more.


features yet
suitable for all
business sizes.

Time Slot management

Our system enables your admins to see their time slots so they can easily adjust booking requests to their available dates and reschedule existing appointments.

Payment Gateway

Our online payment gateway feature can be integrated with your website using API. With this tool, customers can choose any payment method that they prefer.

Customer Portal

Enable your customers to view your staff availability in real-time, self-book, reschedule, and cancel their appointments through our online customer portal.

Appointment Reminder

Automate reminders within a specified number of days or weeks after appointments and remind your customers to book with you again with customized messages.

Calendar Integration

Integrated with online calendars, our system allows you to pick the time to automatically synchronize your online booking schedules with the calendars.

Analytics Reporting

Our high-quality analytics reporting tool shows you revenue generated from your appointments, the number of appointments made by your staff, and more.

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Booking with other modules such as:

ScaleOcean Accounting

Keep track of profits and losses generated from your appointments. Estimate your future cash flow.

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ScaleOcean e-Invoicing

Automate your customer invoice generation. Send and receive e-invoices through the Peppol network.

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ScaleOcean DMS

You can create contracts or any documents and manage them in one repository with this add-on.

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