8 Effective Hotel Management Tips That Boost Revenue

There is no doubt that the hospitality experience has changed in recent years. What businesses now need to do is adapt to changing expectations using a different approach. But to keep your hotel management approach fresh and strategically sound, you need to know how to offer the best experience and market it in innovative ways.

Here are some hotel management tips to keep your business ahead of the game.

1. Leverage hotel management software

There are so many things to take care of when it comes to managing a hotel. Luckily, ERP software is available to come to your rescue. It streamlines everything from your front desk to housekeeping. This all-in-one system allows you to run all your operations through a single platform, including managing a guest database and reservations, tracking inventory, and employees, estimating revenue and expenses, and much more.

With ERP software, hoteliers can generate various reports (e.g., sales reports, accounting reports, etc.)  that help them improve their decision-making. In addition, with processes being automated, your staff will be able to focus on activities that matter the most for your business, hence enhancing their productivity. 

2. Improve your lead management strategy

Increasing revenue in the hotel business depends on how well you generate leads and convert them into customers. With CRM software, you can quickly identify your qualified leads so you can focus more prospecting effort on them. It also enables you to distribute leads to the right sales reps, create targeted email campaigns, evaluate your follow-up strategies, and much more. 

Furthermore, you can attract potential customers by providing unique content that showcases your hotel services, but once you do, you'll want to keep track of them. By using retargeting tools on your website, you will be able to log visitors to your pages and target them with promotions and more across various digital marketing channels.

3. Bring your team together

Miscommunication leads to mistakes, and that is something you want to avoid. By keeping everyone on the same page, you minimize the chance of errors. As a hotelier, you are a problem solver and a role model for everyone to follow, so give clear instructions, resolve issues and explain procedures thoroughly.

It is also important to find the right tool that helps you bring your team together. With ScaleOcean ERP, you can:

-Keep all information in one place with shift attachments and notes such as pictures, addresses, notes, tasks to complete, client preferences, and more.

-Easily track hours, so you know when your team shows up at work and when they leave.

-Ensure communications are targeted by addressing all or a specific group of employees, including managers sending updates, HR sharing important updates or announcements, or even senior management updating housekeeping personnel.

-Save time on tasks and information flow by automating and creating digital checklists, reports, and forms such as hazard tickets, maintenance tickets, customer complaints, etc.

-Easily delegate tasks to the right employees and keep track of the progress of each task.

-Give access rights to your employees so they can always see all relevant information within seconds, from anywhere at any time.

4. Implement organic social media strategies

The photos you share on social media are major organic promotional assets. So use relevant hashtags in every picture you post. That allows people to find out about your hotel more easily. You can also put your hotel’s website, email address, and contact number in your social media profiles. 

In addition, you can feature people who have stayed at your hotel or repost from those who have shared pictures of your hotel or used your hashtags. Also, try to be responsive as quickly as possible in your comment sections and direct messages.  

5. Get more positive reviews

Usually, people only leave positive reviews if they have had a spectacular experience. Identify those with the best experiences and encourage them to leave reviews where they benefit you the most.

For those who have not had great experiences, try dealing with one on one. Read all the new reviews posted about your hotel and respond to angry customers with gentle answers. Remember: Word of mouth is your most powerful marketing tool.

6. Take feedback and act on it

Feedback can help you improve your entire property — but you can't just rely on the checkout feedback form. After all, your guests will not limit themselves to it. They might go to the internet to share bad experiences on social media or review sites. Thus, check on all reviews about your hotel online.

Whenever you have received feedback, act on it immediately. This will prove to your guests that their feedback matters and you take it seriously. When they see that you keep improving your hotel, they will want to stay there again and most likely recommend it to other people.

7. Enhance guest experience

A great experience is what makes people choose to stay at your hotel again over other hotels. Therefore, make sure your hotel provides it to every guest, from the time of reservation to when they leave your hotel.

Also, try to identify your guests’ needs and expectations. For example, young travelers who usually spend less time inside the hotel can be attracted by other activities, such as fitness classes, nice swimming pools, spas, and special culinary experiences.

8. Keep abreast of changing hospitality trends

You can't get ahead if you don't know where the industry is going, so make sure you're aware of changing hospitality trends. People are looking for something different from their hospitality choices, and it's up to you to adapt to these needs and wants.

By being the first to offer new services and staying ahead of industry challenges, you will attract more business and increase your primary revenue.

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