Gain Better Control Over Your
Company’s Assets

Never lose track of your assets with Singapore’s #1 automated solution.
Say goodbye to unnecessary asset purchases!


Increase Your ROI with a Cloud-based Asset
Management System

Gain greater visibility into your assets

Keep track of your assets across different locations from anywhere using any mobile device.

Get better reporting, insights, and forecasting with detailed information and the history of your equipment.

Keep yourself in compliance with warranty, insurance, and government requirements with automatically updated records.

Optimize the life span and value of your assets

Maximize the usage of your equipment and keep it under warranty with scheduled maintenance notifications.

Get all your assets back up and running smoothly by simplifying repair requests and fulfillment.

Know how much your assets are worth and calculate their depreciation accurately through automated processes.


Asset Management
Software that
improves your
business ROI.


Track where your assets are and to whom they are assigned to. Authorized users can see all the details of an asset in a single view.

Check-ins & Check-outs

Record the ownership of every asset, know who to call when you need an item returned, and find out overdue assets within seconds.

Contract Management

Get notified when your assets’ or service contracts are set to expire. Renew any contract automatically whenever needed.

Barcode Generation

Our Asset Management System enables you to automatically create barcodes or serial numbers for easier asset tracking.

Maintenance Management

Authorized users can make maintenance requests. Create maintenance schedules to optimize the performance of your assets.

Asset Reporting

Create reports to get an in-depth analysis of your assets, including their ROI, maintenance costs, life span estimation, depreciation, etc.

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You may want to integrate ScaleOcean
Asset with other modules such as:

ScaleOcean Accounting

Create budgets and estimate expenses for your assets. You can also calculate your asset depreciation automatically.

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ScaleOcean Purchasing

Our Procurement System helps you find qualified vendors for purchasing new assets or maintenance services.

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ScaleOcean HRM

Make your asset check-in and check-out processes easier. Our HRIS helps you distribute your assets evenly.

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Ensure the optimum performance of your assets with ScaleOcean!


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