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ScaleOcean Accounting comes with all the features that you need to
manage your business accounts, books, expenses, financial reports,
and many more.


Improve your financial decision-making with
ScaleOcean Accounting System.

Streamline workflows and stay compliant

Get your financial transactions recorded automatically, ScaleOcean ensures your books are done correctly, efficiently and on time.

With ScaleOcean, Submitting your GST and tax declarations to IRAS is easy, accurate and time-saving, No more worries about compliance.

You can track your inventory levels through ScaleOcean Accounting. This will keep you away from failing short of inventory.

Improve accuracy & financial visibility

Get accurate financial forecasts with ScaleOcean so you can evaluate trends, prepare for different possibilities, and make better decisions.

Get a comprehensive view of how your business is performing and greater visibility that helps you eliminate errors that might have gone unnoticed.

We make organizing your transactions a breeze. They’re categorized and imported automatically into ScaleOcean Accounting.


More than just
features are simple
yet powerful.

Cashflow Forecasting

Identify and highlight cash crunches ahead of time. Postpone payments or collect outstanding invoices to get you the cash you need.

Peppol e- Invoicing

Connect to the global e-Invoicing network, Peppol. Automatically sending and receiving e-invoices through the Peppol network means more time saved.

Bank Reconcillation

Link your chart of accounts to your bank and get real-time account balances. The reconciliation process runs very quickly.

Auto-Journal Entry

All business transactions can automatically fill in the journal entry records in the system. Our system also enables you to create recurring journal entries.

Real-time Reporting

View income statements, balance sheets, trial balances, cash flow statements, general ledgers, and tax reports in real-time.

Automated Tax Calculations

With our Accounting System, tax can be applied automatically to invoices, quotations, purchase orders, and other docs according to Singapore tax rules.

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Accounting with other modules such as:

ScaleOcean HRM

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ScaleOcean CRM

Seamlessly track unpaid or overdue customers' invoices and improve your cash flow.

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ScaleOcean Inventory

This add-on helps you seamlessly perform stock-taking and calculate inventory costs.

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